RS4 specializes in the dismantling and rental of equipment for dismantling. We can provide customers with all the necessary equipment, qualified operators, containers for debris and other equipment necessary for the demolition work. Unlike other construction equipment rental companies, we offer not only the equipment rental, but also our knowledge in dismantling buildings. Depending on the specifics of dismantling, we are ready to recommend the best and cheapest solution for working, as well as to advise on the best use of our technology in the dismantling work.

For dismantling, we offer tractor machinery ranging from 22 tons to 45 tons, equipped with hydraulic shears, hydraulic hammer, grab bucket or excavation bucket. The maximum reach of these tools is up to 23 m. We also offer operators who have proven their knowledge in projects such as the dismantling of the Palace of Sports, LAT Lada and other important objects. To get an idea of our work performed, please read the Portfolio section.

We carry out the dismantling of all types of buildings, facilities, garages, sheds, silos and other structures, as well as their processing (crushing) or removal and disposal. We are able to provide very competitive prices for the work execution and equipment rental.

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